When planning and developing our new sound products, we wanted to offer something more to our users. Sure, the be great, but how could we add some more value, make them even more unique?
We all know Kygo is an expert on music and that in his eyes, the sound quality is the most crucial aspect of Kygo Life. So this was our inspiration, and from where the idea of an app was born. We wanted to give people the possibility to play and have fun with different aspects of music and songs, just as he does.

You shouldn't have to be a sound expert (we have our sound expert Peter Larsen for that) to be able to adjust the sound in your headset and find the perfect sound image according to your music, your preference or your mood that day. So we offered an equaliser in a brand new package: 4 different sound images that represent and resonate with four cities that had an impact on Kygo's life and career.

Ibiza, Bergen, Los Angeles and New York.

Just move the dot through the screen to hear the sound changing in the headset. You can leave the dot anywhere on the screen where you think the music is best for whatever you're listening to!

The user interface of the app.

The app is compatible with the products in our ProLine, Kygo A9/600, and A6/500. That's because these products contain a with a powerful Bluetooth chip that allows the headset to communicate with the app and make the changes to the sound that they emit.
PS! If you want to go back to the original soundscape in the headphones, just tap the reset option in the main menu.

These chips also allow software updates to happen through the app, which means that the headset will always be up to date and even able to gain new features and functions as we continue to develop them further.

Of course, you're also one tap away from user manuals, product information, or getting in touch with our team, in case you have any questions or feedback.

Let us know what you think!