• Read the latest review of Kygo A9/600 headphones

    "Sleek style, great sound, and supreme comfort make Kygo's A9/600 BT headphones a hit."

    - Digital Trends.

    Kygo with the A9/600 in white at his latest show in Las Vegas.

    The major tech-site Digital Trends just published a review of our premium headphones Kygo A9/600. They gave the product an 8/10 score and highlighted the premium feel and design and the well-balanced sound.
    The memory foam earpads and the high battery life were also listed as positive features.

    Click HERE to read the full review! 

    "Few headphones offer the same combination of attractiveness, comfort, quality, and affordability."

    See more information about the Kygo A9/600 HERE.

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  • Which headphones does Kygo use?

    Kygo, as a musician and DJ, needs the best equipment, both on stage and when making music in the studio. Naturally, there is a lot of interest in which gear he uses and recommends.

    With Kygo Life, Kygo has had the opportunity to develop his headsets according to his own preferences, which means choosing the design, soundscape and all aspects of a sound product.
    Since the launch of the official Kygo headset through Kygo Life in 2016, he has been using the following headsets:

    Kygo A9/600

    Kygo has been using his favourite headphones A9/600 since late summer 2017. The first photos of this headset are from his performances in Las Vegas and Ibiza that year, a couple of months before they were officially launched.

    Although the design is similar to the A7, the A9 headphones got more advanced technology, like a Bluetooth chip that allows software updates and sound adjustments through the Kygo Sound App. The A9 also features memory foam ear pads for extra comfort and great passive noise cancellation. If you run out of battery life (after 23 hours of playing time), you can still use them with the included audio cable included. It has a stylish textile finish in the same colour of the headset.

    It's available in 5 different colours, check it out HERE.



    Kygo A7/800

    These were the first headphones we launched in 2016 and were used by Kygo on all shows from 2016 until late summer 2017.
    It has 23-hour battery life, genuine leather ear pads, and  both aptX and AAC sound quality
    Touch panel and NFC make them easy to operate as well.
    Check out Kygo A7/800 HERE.

    If you have any questions about these or other headsets, don't hesitate to contact the team through email or social media! :)


  • How the Kygo Sound App came to life

    When planning and developing our new sound products, we wanted to offer something more to our users. Sure, the be great, but how could we add some more value, make them even more unique?
    We all know Kygo is an expert on music and that in his eyes, the sound quality is the most crucial aspect of Kygo Life. So this was our inspiration, and from where the idea of an app was born. We wanted to give people the possibility to play and have fun with different aspects of music and songs, just as he does.

    You shouldn't have to be a sound expert (we have our sound expert Peter Larsen for that) to be able to adjust the sound in your headset and find the perfect sound image according to your music, your preference or your mood that day. So we offered an equaliser in a brand new package: 4 different sound images that represent and resonate with four cities that had an impact on Kygo's life and career.

    Ibiza, Bergen, Los Angeles and New York.

    Just move the dot through the screen to hear the sound changing in the headset. You can leave the dot anywhere on the screen where you think the music is best for whatever you're listening to!

    The user interface of the app.

    The app is compatible with the products in our ProLine, Kygo A9/600, and A6/500. That's because these products contain a with a powerful Bluetooth chip that allows the headset to communicate with the app and make the changes to the sound that they emit.
    PS! If you want to go back to the original soundscape in the headphones, just tap the reset option in the main menu.

    These chips also allow software updates to happen through the app, which means that the headset will always be up to date and even able to gain new features and functions as we continue to develop them further.

    Of course, you're also one tap away from user manuals, product information, or getting in touch with our team, in case you have any questions or feedback.

    Let us know what you think!

  • Meet Kygo A6/500 design headphones

    This new design headset is based on our passion for Scandinavian design. Designwise, less is more; round and clean lines, without any unnecessary elements.We worked a long time to make it as slim and light as possible and hide the cables on the inside, so they won't pop out on the sides when you adjust it.


    Colours are matt and elegant as well, picked out from the fashion universe and our previous collections. We love to see traditional people who would only go for black or white, choose our headsets in the burgundy or military green (or Palm, as we call it)!

    We have inserted the same technological features of our flagship headset A9/600, built in a smaller on-ear version. Meaning that the Kygo A6/500 got all the features you need - high sound quality through aptX and AAC codecs, 18-hour battery life and comfort, even for long periods of time thanks to memory foam ear cushions and the lightweight.

    As the A6/500 is part of our PRO-LINE series, it is also compatible with the Kygo Sound App.

    Thanks to that, it was specially recommended with five stars from one of Scandinavia's biggest tech-magazine Lyd & Bilde, who says: "Dynamic sound with tight rhythms. It sounds about just as good as it's bigger brother A9. Wireless reach is impressive, and the EQ-settings in the app give good alternatives".


    Click here to read the review from Lyd & Bilde (in Norwegian)


    Kygo A6/500 in Burgundy, Palm, White, Black and Storm Grey.


    Like what you see? Click here to buy your favourite colour of A6/500!

    If you have a youtube channel or work for a tech- or lifestyle related media and want to review any of the Kygo products, please email info@kygolife.com. :)


    The Kygo Life team,

  • Sound Development

    As a musician, the sound quality of the headphones is the number one priority for Kygo.

    When developing his line of headphones, he spent a lot of time with the team to create a sound image with just the right amount of bass and clear highs and that could work both when making music in the studio and when performing on stage.

    One of the key members of this team is Danish acoustic engineer Peter Larsen.
    Peter Larsen has 40 years of experience in developing loudspeakers and drivers for the biggest brands in the industry.

    Headphones are not just about the drivers that are placed inside; it's also about how the housing design improves (or not) the sound., and this works entirely different for over-ear and on-ear headsets, for example.

    Therefore, Peter has worked closely with Kygo and the team of designers so that all our products have incredible sound quality, no matter what.


  • Welcome!

    Welcome to a new section of kygolife.com!

    Check-in here anytime for inspiration, news and everything related to Kygo Life such as new product launches, technology, tips, competitions, sales and much more!

    Kygo is a big part of the development of all our products and the inspiration behind everything that goes on at Kygo Life; from naming the products after piano chords to the clean design that represents our Scandinavian roots.

    See more about the process in this video about the development of the most recent Kygo headsets

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